Why Bridge

Why is Bridge for me?

Learn Bridge in a fun, social environmentBridge is a fascinating game, as well as a great way to meet new people.

Bridge is a unique mix of working with a partner for the best result and  striving to improve your own bidding and play.

It’s a game that tests your skills and strategy, rather than relying on lady luck.

As it is such an intriguing and challenging card game, learning to play bridge can be a little daunting.

That’s why we’ve spent time and energy creating a way to learn bridge that benefits you.

At North Shore Bridge Club, our specialty is your first introduction or (reintroduction) in a supportive, flexible and fun environment.

Here’s how:

No experience required
We understand that many newcomers to bridge have minimal exposure to cards or bridge. That’s why we offer a program that doesn’t require prior knowledge of the game. We love to help people who want a new hobby and challenge.  Our aim is to make your introduction to bridge as fun and easy as possible!
No fitness required
Bridge is about using your mind to the best possible advantage. This makes bridge an ideal activity if you want to stay active, socialise and take on new challenges.
Bridge is affordable
Compared to the club fees associated with golf or a hobby such as travel, bridge is a very inexpensive pastime. Our club memberships and game fees are affordable and you can monitor how much you spend by choosing your own game timetable and choice of lessons. As an added bonus, you can make the most of your yearly club fees by taking advantage of the member benefits our two host clubs have to offer.
Lots of classes
Whether you’re working or are retired, we offer a range of day, afternoon, evening classes and events to suit your lifestyle. You can participate in as many games, learning sessions and supervised classes as you please! How much or how little time you wish to spend enjoying and perfecting the game of bridge is your choice.
You can learn at your own pace
At North Shore Bridge Club, we make our members’ happiness our top priority. We understand that everyone learns at their own pace. You can choose when to move from a learning session through to the supervised environment and onwards. It’s entirely up to you.
You can play bridge for any number of reasons
Whether you see bridge as your next challenge, or you’d simply like to enjoy a social game in a non-competitive and supervised environment, we have games to suit.

Get in touch today! Contact Kay Moyes – Co-ordinator of Teaching & Supervised by email: moyes_kay@hotmail.com
Go to the beginner and returning player learning programs for more details.