Improving your game

To help you improve your bridge, North Shore Bridge Club has a number of lessons and workshops at different levels.
See the schedule to find out exact dates for each workshop and lesson.

Supervised bridge gamesBuild on the Basics lessons

On Wednesdays at 2pm  and again at 7:30pm, Anita Curtis conducts Build on the Basics lessons for improvers. Each lesson covers a self-contained topic. Players are welcome to come to any single lesson (no need to book) but will gain most benefit from building their bridge skills on a regular basis. A second play session during the week is highly recommended.  Click HERE or the link below for the topics for our courses on Wednesdays

Build on the Basics, Semester 2 2017

Develop Your Skills

Develop Your Skills lessons with Anita build on the topics from Build on the Basics and prepare players for duplicate play. This course covers declarer play techniques, defensive skills  and new bidding challenges such as slam bidding using Blackwood, what to do when the opponents pre-empt, forcing or not forcing, delayed game raises,  hand evaluation & competitive auctions.

The course runs on Thursdays at 2pm:
Click HERE or on the attachment below for the program.

Develop Your Skills, Semester 2 2017

Hand Analysis (for players with at least 3 years experience)

Hand analysis allows you to practise your bidding and play skills in a “real life” situation but gives you the benefit of best practice analysis after each board. It is the perfect way to consolidate your skills. Hand Analysis is held once per month on a Friday at 2pm. Bookings are essential!

Hand Analysis classes are on Friday June 16, July 7, October 6, November 10 at 2pm

Broaden Your Game

These classes are for people who have been playing for a number of years and who want to extend their knowledge of conventions and techniques. Click HERE or the link below for the schedule.

Broaden Your Game, Semester 2 2017

Bridge Workshops SydneyIntermediate workshops

Intermediate workshops are an opportunity for duplicate players to improve their card play skills and bidding judgement. They are conducted by Anita Curtis or guest speakers on Fridays at 2pm  (see schedule). Bookings are essential!



Friday July 28 – “Pre-empts – rules? What rules?”

August 4 “Get back into the bidding with doubles”

August 11 “”Improve your competitive bidding with the  Lebensohl convention”


See the schedule to find out exact dates for each workshop and lesson.