As Australia's largest bridge club, we offer a great range of classes and learning opportunities for every player.
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Staying sharp is the aim of the game

With a proven track record in keeping the mind sharp and nimble, playing bridge gives you the opportunity to exercise your mind and problem solving skills in an enjoyable way.

You love a challenge

We understand that learning and gaining confidence in bridge are integral parts of the game’s allure. No matter what level your bridge game, we have something to challenge and engage you.

Socialising really appeals

You may be looking for a positive outlet for your competitive spirit, or simply looking for a great way to make new friends. With over 1800 active members, our regular program of games and events provides a great way to socialise 6 days a week.


Average Rating: 4.9 stars (based on 31 ratings)

Wonderful start to Bridge

The course and our teacher, Liz were amazing!! It was a great first step into the world of bridge and looking forward to further courses and many many practice sessions.

Fiona Dawson

Beginner Bridge

Thoroughly enjoyed the online beginner bridge course. I watched it online on Monday evenings and could pause it whenever I chose, or re-watch as often as I needed. Anita was an excellent tutor….patient, knowledgeable and fun. Her passion for the game was evident. I also enjoyed the Wednesday evening supervised practice sessions, where we bumbled around with our course notes, helping one another with our bids, and relying on John the supervisor to assist where needed. I’m signed up for the follow-up course, and would have no hesitation in recommending the beginner one to anyone looking to learn bridge

Janet Burton

I highly recommend the Bridge Classes

I had initially been disappointed not be able to attend face to face Bridge classes, with online being my only option, but I have found the online classes to be highly interactive and very well organised.

Being able to replay the lessons has been a huge help, as has the many practice sessions. I can highly recommend online Bridge classes as a great way to learn bridge!

Belinda K

Fun and Learning

The 6 Beginner Bridge lesson course given by Liz Wilkinson , was friendly , fun , concise and has given me inspiration to re-kindle learning this intriguing game .
Liz’s passion for Bridge is infectious and she made the sessions both entertaining and informative .
It was a perfect opportunity to start the journey of unravelling the mysteries of bidding conventions and play , and highly recommend this course . I look forward to continuing with the next series .

Robyn Kaye

A great Introduction to the game of Bridge

If you want to learn to play Bridge I recommend this 6 week course. Liz is a great teacher – very clear and well organised lessons with a lovely, friendly manner which makes for very enjoyable lessons. The opportunity to attend Monday evening beginners play with an instructor is a great way of reinforcing what we have learnt with Liz in Saturday’s lesson. Thank you Nick for your help and support on Monday evenings.
I am very keen to continue learning and moving on to the Bridge Basics lessons with Liz and continuing the Monday night practice sessions. Thank you

Lenore Drinkwater

Great Badic Course

I loved all the lessons from Liz . She explained the basic bridge game extremely well . The revision each week was very beneficial . We built our knowledge step by step . Liz has a great sense of humour and explains everything clearly . I enjoyed all the lessons … the two hours went by so quickly . The revision notes are very helpful as well .
Thank you to Fiona too … you were both very welcoming every week and I liked the idea of moving around each week .
I look forward to coming to a Wednesday session soon .
With thanks

Ruth Tighe

I enjoyed learning bridge, meeting

I enjoyed learning bridge, meeting new people, and the teachers were awesome.

Anne Carter

Absolutely delighted

We enjoyed the lessons and are delighted that we’ve been introduced to bridge.

Terrific teacher

I have thoroughly enjoyed having all of the wonderful, knowledgeable teachers at our disposal these past weeks. Liz Wilkinson has been patient, informative and lots fun in her teaching skills.
Thank you for a fantastic start

Paula Schrieber

Excellent bridge tuition

The introductory bridge course at Lindfield has been outstanding. It far exceeded my expectations.
Liz Wilkinson is an articulate patient teacher who makes the sessions fun.
The course has motivated me to continue playing bridge and to try to improve my knowledge and skills.
I would recommend this course to anyone wishing to learn to play bridge.

Leslie Schrieber

Bridge course

I thoroughly enjoyed every lesson. I especially loved being with a different group every week. I made new friends. I liked that everyone was on the same level

susan barrowman

Great introduction to Bridge

I found the Introduction to Bridge course excellent. I found the structured lessons and pre dealt hands a great way to gain an understanding of the intricacies of Bridge. Liz was an excellent instructor and very patient and was ably supported by Fiona. the course notes and other handouts were useful. While I have played card games that include trumps and trick taking, I think this course would be suitable for someone with limited experience with cards.

I am really pleased I booked myself into this course and look forward to continuing my Bridge journey in 2024.

Louise Barker

Learn to play bridge

This is an excellent 6 week introduction to bridge. I think it helps if you have played cards before , but the tutors are excellent and repeat everything, many times, so it eventually sticks! The Thursday follow up practice is, for me, the best part. It puts into practice what you have learnt 2 days before and is a worthwhile commitment to learning to play.
A lovely venue, lovely people to meet and great tutors.

yulanie harris

Excellent Teacher

I have really enjoyed the course & I have found Liz to be an excellent teacher.

Brilliant Bridge Lessons

Had the best time learning to play bridge. Liz was amazing and Fiona wonderful and so helpful. Can’t wait for the next lessons.

Pamela van Aswegen

Fabulous Experience

I have just completed the Introductory 6 week course delivered by Liz.
What a fabulous and rewarding experience!
Liz is an exceptional teacher, patient, clear and keeps things simple all delivered with a great sense of humor.
Everyone has been so encouraging and welcoming, it is a great club.
The practice sessions alongside the lessons are also such a bonus in helping to cement the learnings.
Can’t wait to keep going with the lessons and practice sessions.

Lynne Fishwick

This course was very well

This course was very well prepared. The presentation was outstanding. It was the right speed and scope.

I felt very comfortable to follow the basic rules of this game. I loved the tactics Liz explained and recommended. I also found it very beneficial to have the practice sessions after the weekly classes.

The only suggestion I have is to have a smaller number of people attending the course.

I will continue with the course a little bit later because I am in the process of retiring and I have to do lots of work including Saturday.

Michael Thurner

A fantastic, easy to understand, introduction to Bridge.

This 6 week course was exceptional. It gives an overall understanding of bridge. Anita, our “tutor” was wonderful. She was extremely patient and her delivery of the course was seamless and really easy to follow. Well done!

Susan Smale

Learn to Play Bridge

Well.. I was not expecting all the drama, suspense and excitement that comes with Liz Wilkinson’s introduction to bridge lessons. Very engaging and informative would be my summary. The notes and practice sessions are outstanding.

Dianne Brissett

Thanks Liz – you are amazing

I would like to thank you Liz for being such a good teacher as you have generated so much interest in us for Bridge. You have made the lessons so interesting without losing the humour – it has started to make sense for us.

I’ve really enjoyed Beginner’s Bridge on-line

I’ve really enjoyed Beginner’s Bridge online. I’ve found it very convenient and a great way to learn bridge basics. The teachers (Anita and Liz) are just fantastic and their online lessons are well structured with helpful handouts and practice hands. As the lessons are online they are also recorded which means they can be replayed as a refresher whenever you want. I particularly enjoy the online weekly practice sessions with my bridge partners (and new friends). It is an opportunity to both practice what was learned in the lesson that week and also to have a good chat and catch up. The support provided by Kay, Gary, and the team also ensured that any technical or IT issue that arose was quickly resolved.

Great way to start.

A great introduction to what is a complex game. Excellent instruction in a relaxed and positive environment. Well paced with support notes, practice sessions and plenty of laughs along the way. I am looking forward to the follow up course.

Jeanmaree Sexton

Entertaining AND educational

I loves every minute of this course, Liz is a wonderful communicator and has a very engaging approach.

Lois Hamlin

Thoroughly enjoyable lessons delivered with

Thoroughly enjoyable lessons delivered with obviously great skill and gentle humour by Liz.

Alison Van Nooten

Hard work

I have really enjoyed the course and I do appreciate all the planning and hard work that a course like this entails.

My Introduction to 5 Card Majors

I have just completed the 6 week course with Liz Wilkinson (and continuing on) and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. Liz is a remarkable teacher – her lessons are very easy to follow and we were given very comprehensive notes to study up on. I was able to understand everything that Liz explained and if I had a query it was always answered in an easy to understand way. I am looking forward to playing bridge in the very near future and would have no hesitation in recommending these classes to interested people.

Suzanne Joy Coates

Introduction to Bridge

Introduction to Bridge was an extremely well conducted course. Anita was a great tutor. Clear, concise and very encouraging. The practice sessions were a great opportunity to apply the learning from each lesson. I loved it all and am now totally hooked. I give the course a 10/10 rating.

Lou Housego

Thank you

Thank you all so much for all your time and effort that has made the beginner’s bridge lessons a great and positive experience

Excellent course and friendly environment

Very well structured course for beginners, ably lead by passionate experienced teachers. Also a welcoming environment for those who might have had some reservations about “taking the plunge” into Bridge. I signed up for the next stage course.

Brian Kenneth Sheppard

Bridge Group Feedback

I have really enjoyed the bridge course. Liz has a wonderful way of teaching, gave us more information week by week. It helped me to understand the rules of the game. I enjoyed the different table and seats each week, it helps to understand how people play differently.
Liz has a great sense of humour which lightens the concentration, and always encouraged us all to “have a go”

I’m looking forward to more bridge instruction and practice.

Thank you
Gail Clark

Gail Clark

A great way to start bridge

i thought the course was well presented and well run. The pacing of new information was just right. There was plenty of repetition for beginners and the bridge hands matched the information we were given.
There was a welcoming inclusive atmosphere.

sally Paton

Beginner Bridge

Liz was our teacher at East Lindfield. I have to say what an amazing and fun time we’ve had with her guiding us. Always enthusiastic, always able to deliver the lesson so we all understand. Also able to rein us in if the chatter gets too loud. Your whole set up is very smooth and the assistance both face to face and on line is soooo good.

Barb Cooper


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