Bridge for beginners

New to bridge? No problem! Let’s get you acquainted with one of the world’s most interesting and enjoyable card games.

Bridge is a great social gameYour introduction to bridge

Bridge is similar to games such as 500 where the aim is to win as many tricks as possible.

Here’s a great online tutorial to show you the basics

Once you receive your cards, you and your partner need to make a bid based on how many tricks you think you could win against your opponents. This means that, out of a possible 13 tricks, you nominate that you can win X tricks with the cards you and your partner hold.

The number of tricks you nominate forms a contract between you and your partner.

You win a trick by playing the highest card in a suit you (or the opponents) lead. This is why it’s often referred to as “contract bridge” (ie a contract between the partners).

Bridge games are a mix of strategy, smart card play and working with your partner to outwit the competition.

Sound like fun? You can learn the basics of bridge in no time!

Our introduction to bridge course

In order to get you started, we offer an “Introduction to bridge” course.

In this course, you and other newcomers to bridge participate in 6 x 2 hour sessions.
Each session examines a different aspect of the game and acts as your stepping stone towards duplicate bridge.

This tailored learning includes access to specialised materials, demos of the game and provides a well rounded background for the beginnings of bridge.

Our introduction to bridge course is only $99 and includes your text book and temporary club membership.

We are now taking bookings for four courses in 2021:

    • Monday 19th July 10am or 7pm at East Lindfield (or online if Covid insists) with Emma Barnes


      Emma has decades of experience with new players and a gentle touch that makes learning the game fun and easy.

Book in through the booking form.

Beyond the introduction course – your bridge journey

Once you’ve completed the introductory course with Emma or Liz, you start a special session of supervised play with full access and support from our bridge teachers. Practice hands that give you the opportunity to practice what you have learned. Then, there are are further lessons to teach you new concepts and keep your learning fresh.

The journey doesn’t end there. If you would like to continue your bridge education, our Build on the Basics classes with Anita Curtis (online classes) will consolidate your knowledge and develop your skills and confidence, giving you extra tools for bridge.

Head to our Bridge Continuers page to find out more about supervised games.

Why our bridge beginners course is for you

Whatever bridge level you are, we offer on-site support, advice and learning materials to help you grow as a player.

When you play in our supervised or open duplicate games, your detailed results are emailed to you. You can track your progress week by week. And there’s always room for progressing to more challenging competitions if you wish.

Our aim is to help you gain the best introduction to bridge to ensure your newest pastime is fun!

Check our schedule to find the next available class now.